Get a Library Card

Any resident or property owner in Orleans or Orleans Township is eligible for an Orleans Public Library Evergreen Card.  Residents of Orangeville or Northeast Townships are eligible for an Orleans Public Library Evergreen Card with limited service to your issuing library.  
Indiana residents not residing in a library district may be eligible to purchase or otherwise obtain an Evergreen Indiana Library card as a non-resident, PLAC, reciprocal borrower or township contract user subject to the laws and regulations covering these types of cards.
Non-resident cards and PLAC cards are issued to those individuals residing outside the library district who purchase library cards with full access to library materials and services.  
All other card holders: student, computer usage and reciprocal borrower cards are given limited access to services and materials.
Reciprocal borrowers, students, transitional, and computer users should be given a blue Evergreen Indiana card which indicates that their borrowing privileges are limited to the issuing library. 

Proper Identification

Proper Identification must be presented to apply for an Evergreen Indiana library card.  Proper Identification is one of the following:  a valid Indiana Driver’s License which displays a current address; valid Indiana State ID which displays a current address; a current government issued photo ID (e.g., military ID, passport); valid identification issued by another State (e.g., Driver’s License); valid current university or college identification (e.g., Student identification)

If the presented Proper Identification does not display a current address, the applicant must present one item from the following list in addition to the Indiana Driver’s License:  valid voter registration card; computer generated bank statement issued in applicant’s name within the last 30 days; computer generated utility, credit card company, doctor or hospital bill, issued in applicant’s name within the last 30 days and containing address of residence; Medicaid or Medicare benefit statement issued in the applicant’s name within the last 30 days; Change-of-address confirmation from the United States Postal Service showing prior and current address of residence (a P.O. Box is not acceptable as a residence address); apartment lease signed within the last 30 days; property tax receipt issued in applicant’s name.